banana fig breakfast smoothie

Banana Fig Breakfast smoothie

Go bananas over this deliciously rich & nutty smoothie which has your breakfast routine covered! I love figs both fresh and dried and I use the dried ones in all my purees and chutneys. Here, the dried figs pair perfectly with the pistachios and literally add an oomph factor to an otherwise ordinary banana smoothie. 😉 Try this once and without even noticing, you’ll be whipping it up every now and then. Tag us and follow us @sugar_spice_biriyani_rice


  • Bananas – 2 large, ripe
  • Low fat yogurt/curd – ½ cup 
  • Dried figs – ¼ cup, chopped 
  • Pistachios & walnuts – ¼ cup 
  • Protein powder – 2 scoops, plain or vanilla (avoid chocolate)


  1. Soak the dried figs and nuts in ½ cup of piping hot water for 2 minutes before blending them along with the bananas to help get a smooth texture. 
  2. In a large blender, Add in chopped bananas, yogurt, protein powder and the soaked figs and nuts along with the water (It doesn’t matter if the water is still hot since you’re adding cold yogurt, it also won’t affect the texure) and blend until they’re pureed well with no chunks left. Enjoy your nutty & refreshing breakfast smoothie. 
  • NOTES: You can add in extra yogurt if it’s too thick for you. 
  • It works best if had immediately so make them in small batches so you wouldn’t have to store the excess in the fridge 

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