cranberry mocktail

Carrot Cranberry Mocktail


It’s hot and sunny outside which makes it perfect for enjoying a cold and refreshing mocktail at home! However many Mocktails and cocktails are complicated to make as they involve a lot of ingredients. I have tried a simple one here as I had an excess of cranberry juice at home and wanted to make good use of it. It’s refreshing and healthy too, sweetened with just a few tablespoons of honey. Cranberry juice has a tart taste and cannot be taken as is. It’s ideally mixed with other beverages as it pairs well with almost anything. If cranberry juice isn’t available then grape juice would be an ideal alternative. Try this out and tag us with your versions of it and comment below!


  • Carrots – 2 large for 2 cups of juice
  • Cranberry juice – 2 ½ cups (or grape juice)
  • Honey –  6 tablespoons 
  • Ice cubes  & lemon slices


  1. Chop carrots and add them to a blender with honey and blend with enough water until mushy. Be sure to strain it twice in order to get a smooth drink. You need 2 cups of carrot juice for this recipe. You can use the leftover pulp for Gajar ka halwa or in my carrot cake recipe. 
  2. Mix together the carrot juice and the cranberry juice. You can add extra honey if it has too much tartness. But this was right for me!
  3. Mix well before serving in a glass tumbler with ice cubes and lemon slices! Enjoy your delicious drink on a hot summer day!


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