Dalgona coffee

Dalgona Coffee

We love Instagram food trends & when @gailsimmonseats posted her version, we were inspired to try it out!! I’ve used brown sugar here since we were out of regular sugar & it helped enhance the flavor of coffee. Anyone can try this out as it’s that simple!


  • Instant coffee – 2 tablespoons
  • Brown sugar – 4 tablespoons (you can add in extra sugar if you prefer)
  • Hot water – 2 tablespoons
  • Ice cubes – 4 or 5 (for each cup)
  • Cold milk – ½ cup (for assembling)


  1. You’ll need an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer for this recipe. In a large mixing bowl , add instant coffee, brown sugar & hot water. Using a hand mixer, whisk the three ingredients together for 2 minutes on high speed until it turns light, fluffy &  creamy. 
  2. To assemble, fill a glass tumbler with ice cubes halfway through and pour cold milk over it. Fill the remaining half with the creamy concoction. Upload a pic of it on Instagram 😉 and mix well with a spoon before enjoying your wonderfully rich Korean coffee!
dalgona coffee

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