Tuscan Mushroom Pasta
We love pasta in all shapes and forms so we don't mind having them (almost) everyday for dinner !! 😀
instant pot mutton curry
South Indian cooking is always an elaborate affair but it's well worth the effort put in. The recipe I'm sharing
banana chocolate ice cream
Summer is here and it’s hard to say no to a bowl of sinfully delicious ice cream. But what if
jackfruit kesari
Here's a quick jackfruit recipe I promised you guys. Kesari is a famous Indian sweet that is made of semolina,
celery chutney
Here's an interesting chutney recipe for you all - Celery chutney!! This recipe is inspired by my husband who takes
instant pot chicken curry
Are you always running out of time and find it impossible to make elaborate meals for your family? Well, fret
spinach pulao
A simple, healthy yet delicious recipe for your weekday lunch boxes. This Spinach pulao is a new favorite recipe of
Sheekh Kebab
Why have abs when you can have kebabs!? Haha, here's a delicious Sheekh Kebab recipe for you to make during
chettinad fish curry
Meen Kulambu (Fish Curry) is something that makes every South Indian go weak in their knees. This lovely onion, tomato
gochujang noodles
Nothing can ever go wrong with noodles as it is one of the best comfort foods! if you ask us,