berries and oatmeal breakfast smoothie

The ultimate breakfast smoothie – berries & oatmeal


I don’t usually prefer smoothies but I wanted to give it a shot after noticing all the hype around it. Well, I was actually in for a surprise when I tried to put together a few of my favorite ingredients ‘cos I had myself a perfect and protein-rich smoothie that last me till lunch. It’s quick and super easy to make with just a few ingredients from your fridge. If you’re out of berries, try adding in anything that’s available as this recipe works well with most fruits.

I prefer using curd to milk for my smoothies as it doesn’t load the smoothie with fat, acts as a great probiotic and the good bacteria present in curd helps clear out the digestive system. It thereby improves our gut activity and is great for treating an upset stomach. *This recipe can be made vegan friendly too by using dairy-free yogurt instead.

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  • Any berries of choice – 1 cup (I used strawberries)
  • Bananas – 2, ripe
  • Low fat Curd/Yogurt – ½ cup 
  • Oats – ⅓ cup 
  • Protein powder – 2 scoops, plain or vanilla (avoid chocolate)
  • Drizzle of honey (if preferred) 


  1. You need just a blender to whisk all the ingredients together until it’s smooth and creamy with no chunks of fruits. You can add all of the ingredients at once and blend. I prefer to add the honey at the end since it depends upon the sweetness of the berries as some might be sour. Try to avoid sweeteners as much as you can since the fruits are already loaded with fructose and you don’t want to be sugar high in the morning. 

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